Bridgeo is a performance piece that utilizes the mass movements of people to control certain stochastic effect parameters of a video. By performing image processing of live video and superposing a montage of vertiginous images of bridge construction, a “video bridge” is created.





The piece employs a live camera, which feeds into MaxMSP’s Jitter. Then, with a MIDI control surface, various parameters and images are manipulated in real-time using a custom-built Jitter application. The live feed itself affects parameters as well.





These stills are from a performance at a "Rebel Funk" loft party in New York. The photographs of the Williamsburg bridge were taken on a lovely Spring morning. Some other components of the images are computer wires, DV gear, and use of the 3-D renderer in Jitter. The motion of the live feed adjusted certain parameters of the images (brcosa, mix of composite images, motion of 3-D objects, and keying).